Italy - La Spezia e Le Cinque Terre

Today feels like a good day to post about my current wanderings in Italy, all sun & fun!
I came back to France a few days ago and am now with my parents on a mini roadtrip on the west coast of Italy. We don't have enough time to do all I'd want but so far our first stop was "La Spezia", from there little boat trip to visit "Le cinque Terre". That's what we did today and It was really beautiful, can't wait to keep going. About le cinque terre: Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and finally Riomaggiore. I loved to see the typography style in restaurants and cute little stores, great inspiration for future design work =) can't wait to see more and post some more pictures... The streets were very narrow and cute, a real pleasure to walk around in!
The first picture is from Portfofino, a few hours before we got to La Spezia, absolutely gorgeous, the water was crystal clear, very cute little place. Wish I had more pictures but I took a lot with my film camera, we''ll see how these turn out =) I think this is it for the first stop, Second stop, Pisa!


Le Cinque Terre

Le Cinque Terre-Riomaggiore

Le Cinque Terre-Riomaggiore

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