Season's Greetings!

Here is one of the cards I made for this year's holiday season! The quote is from a Christmas episode of the Big Bang Theory, I thought it was so adorable it deserved a card, enjoy!
Happy Holidays~


Hovard Design Fall Promotion

This is a project I worked on during my time at Hovard Design under the art direction
of Bill Hovard.

"Fall is in the air and our Autumn promotion has been posted. Printed by the guys at Kayrock Screenprinting in Williamsburg, this issue is a three color silkscreened poster showcasing the colors of the season. As Albert Camus phrased it, "Autumn is a second Spring where every leaf is a flower". Printed on Cranes Lettra  220 lb. cover in pearl white, this 100% cotton sheet is not only beautiful to touch, it will last for centuries. Done as a series of 75 prints, each poster is hand numbered."


The Sketchbook Project

Walking around in Williamsburg I had the chance to come accross this amazing little store called "The Brooklyn Art Library" and just had to post on this. This place is the origin of a project called the "sketchbook project".

The concept is simple, sign up to receive a free sketchbook, fill it up, customize it and make it all yours before you send it back to them so that it can go on tour with thousands of others. Very inspiring and creative. The store had some amazing items as well; Vintage and design, what a perfect mix!

In addition to the tour, the books can also be checked out like library books at any time with a library card from the store.

you can check them out through those links:


Hu2 Design - Decals

These awesome decals from Hu2 Design are clever and pretty sweet. In retrospect they are pretty useless but so dorky and cute that it makes them worth buying =]

Yet another one of those projects that brings THE thought into my head:
"aaw man, wish I had thought of that!"

more awesomeness on Hu2 Design

Vintage facebook, twitter, skype ads

I stumbled upon these awesome vintage ads for social media applications today and had to repost this!

A Brazilian ad agency called Moma Propaganda created this ad series to see how those might have looked like if they had existed in the 60's.

Everything from aesthetics to copy is perfect and well...this made my day : )

Source on inventor spot



So today I was looking for some inspiration on the behance network and found these awesome two people who make the cutest paintings!

Laetitia and mark or MKT4 are based in Clermont-ferrand in France and I spent a good 40 minutes drooling over the cuteness and detail of their work.
The illustrations are adorable and even better, the typography is to die for.
The characters are endearing and the colors stunning, I wouldnt mind one of those paintings in my living room...
their prices are not shown but a quick email should do the trick to find out more.

anyone who likes japanese style kawaii illustrations and typography should check them out!
either on their Behance or on their official website


Nicole Gastonguay

So I was religiously watching the Big Bang theory last night and noticed the most awesome tissue dispenser in the episode.
Of course I couldnt help looking for it on the internet and
found the site of the creator: Nicole Gastonguay

Unfortunately it doesnt seem like her work is for sale but it definitely deserves to be posted about, its absolutely awesome and inspiring! So kudos to a really cool graphic designer and fiber artist!


Big Easy brides for WE tv

I created this Logo under the art and creative direction of NewSpeak tv, for a new WE TV show premiering this year. Made this in June, finally posting it =]


Sestri Levante

A beautiful last night in Italy in Sestri Levante


Notte in Roma...

It's a perfect last night in Rome, back to New York on Sunday.

Kudos to Pepsi !

I came across this can of pepsi twist while walking around Rome today and I wanted to say kudos for the protection on the top of the can, it was about time someone did it...

Italy - Pompeii

Yesterday we went to visit the ruins of Pompeii. It was incredibly interesting. When you enter the the ruins' site, you pass a first coliseum and turn left to enter the city itself. All the streets are intact and all the houses are aligned next to each other, you can almost go back in time as you walk through the city. The walls are torn down but you can see where everything stood, some houses even have parts of paved floors which are completely intact and paintings on the walls.

Which reminds me, on a side note:

To all the people who carve their names on ancient ruins: it is a shameful and desecrating act. This is why most of the ruins are not open to walk around in freely. It's a complete lack of respect for history and art. The picture below shows the name carvings around a painted wall, I can't even describe how angry this made me.
(click to enlarge)

That aside, it was amazing and I recommend it. If you're in the area or even in the Rome area, take a detour to take a look at this amazing site, if you've never been there before you won't be disappointed.

(click to enlarge)

(click to enlarge)

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Italy - A Design note

Yesterday we went for a quick drink in the streets of Rome and I had a diet coke, I just had to post this, cutest diet coke can ever...It doesnt seem like it was a participation between coke and anyone though, tried to read the can but it didnt give out any information.


Italy - Rome

Today was spent in Rome, one of the most beautiful places I've ever been to. The roman architecture is breathtaking, I'm actually seriously thinking of looking for a job here next year. There is SO much to see in such a short time... Impossible to do it all! My italian seems to be getting a little better, Rosetta Stone, get ready for me! So today I went to the Colosseum and saw a lot of ruins, I wish we had taken a guide to talk about all this but a book had to do! Rome is so beautiful and authentic it's just surreal. I think in a past life I must have been an archeologist...discovering ancient ruins and learning about the people then, their architecture and lives, so fascinating.
So, getting back to business, I saw the Trevi Fountain today which was gorgeous, however, so crowded! I actually took a picture of all the people there because I thought it was really impressive, check it out below~ The last picture is of Vatican city.

Fontana di Trevi

Fontana di Trevi

Fontana di Trevi


El Vaticano


Italy - Pisa

Today's stop: Pisa. I went there when I was around seven or eight years old and a very vague recollection of the tower itself. It was beautiful and so was the weather which made the day even better. Only minus, a LOT of tourists and very little time to walk around since we are on a tight schedule… The architecture of the tower and the dome was gorgeous, complete eye candy full of details. I will definitely try to take emir pictures on the next stop of our trip: Rome, stay tuned.