NO KEVIN web and logo design

Just finished the redesign for these guys of the logo and the website, fun work and great clients to work with, the redesigned site will be up by the end of july, for now you can still check these guys out at nokevin.com

Blog professionnel sur les jeux vidéo« Des previews, tests et mini-tests passés au crible par une fine équipe de cadres dynamiques et amateurs de jeux vidéo depuis toujours qui assènent l'actualité des jeux vidéos d'une objectivité sans scrupule et sans pitié ! Marre d'être associé à des Kevin quand on parle de jeux vidéo, car on a pas du tout les mêmes plaisirs de jeux ...comment parler de ce thème avec plaisir sans être associés à des gamins et ou des ados ? Consultez Nokevin pour ne plus saigner votre salaire dans n'importe quoi ! »


Iphone 3G/3GS candy cases

So Last year I was in class, kind of bored and playing with a wrapper from a kinder surprise egg, my phone had a see through case, it occurred to me it would look awesome if I put the wrapper under the case.

I kept it for a while and a bunch of people in the subway and friends asked me where I got my case hehe

Sooooo here is the continuation of that, using a whole lot of different candy wrappers!
anything will do really as long as its not cardboard.

Im using a clear case 0.9mm thick so your phone stays pretty slim.

enjoy ^^


AQUAPAX: Great sustainable package design

Last year I was hanging out with a friend in Paris and got really thirsty, I went into a store to get some water and came accross the most awesome packaging ever.
Not only was it beautifully designed but also not made of plastic like all other water bottles.

Aquapax is primarily made of cardboard, renewable and renewed materials.

"AQUAPAX is all about making a positive change to the way we consume portable water. A responsible package and balanced footprint makes ecological sense...
More info on www.aquapax.co.uk "



Birthday Card

Soooo...I was asked by my sister in law to make a birthday card for my niece's birthday party this week. I wanted to make something cute but still clean and not too tacky or cheesy...

I made a bunch of different color combinations for my 9 year old niece to pick, her favorite colors being blue and purple the choice was easy....

I think my favorite one is still the red with the beige radio