What’s This Font 1.4 – GQ Paris

  Hey guys, and welcome to this 5th edition of What’s this Font! Been a while since the last one but worry not, good things are coming. I finally have a little time for myself which means time to research and share my font findings, this time for the French edition of GQ.

The first typeface we will be looking at today is GQ Baton. It’s the typeface used on the cover. It has a few different weights for our utmost pleasure! Baton is a sans serif typeface, slightly condensed with a very modern edge. It’s the perfect partner for the GQ logo and works really well on the cover. It comes in 10 styles with a lot of great glyphs. The typeface was created and art directed by Yorgo Tloupas (currently AD “at large” for Vanity Fair France) and Paul Chemetoff (AD at GQ Paris). It was designed by Fat Type‘s Yassin Baggar and Anton Koovit. The typeface was originally commissioned for the redesign of the magazine in 2010, they had exclusive rights on it for a while but get your wallets out because you can buy it here, score. The complete family goes for 350€, it’s not cheap but not over the top for a typeface of this caliber. Get your credit cards out!

Now let’s look inside and see what goodies we can find there. I’ll start with GQ Slab. It’s used in different sections of the magazine like the cover story (see below) for the title. It’s a very nice spin off the GQ Baton, sturdy and working very well with the other typefaces on the page. It has a strong visual presence without being too overwhelming so kuddos for that! you can find it on the Fat Type website, though it has limited licensing.

The body copy is called Adelle. This font was designed by Type Together and has 14 styles, ranging from light to heavy, with more than 1100 characters per font. It’s an editorial font but not my favorite to be honest. It works in the magazine but I find it too bulky despite its light weights. I don’t find it particularly pleasing when reading but I have to admit the combination with everything else works nicely. you can purchase it here starting at $30.

The last one is the GQ Serif. It’s quite a nice font to end this with! it’s used in various sections of the magazine like in the “manuel du style” section and brings a bit of fresh air to the mix. It’s quite light on its serifs and brings just enough of a change from the baton without fighting it. Like the GQ Slab and Baton, you can find it on the Fat Type website.

 for more magazine fonts, check out my other “what’s this font” posts, enjoy!

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