Esquire's HOT Summer

Esquire U.S and U.K are all in for summer with hot looking cover

A very tasteful clothes-less Rihanna steams things up at Esquire U.K versus 57 year old Bruce Willis who can still is bring it on for Esquire's U.S's cover.

That's all nice and cozy... but let's not kid ourselves, this is about who's got it right:

Both covers' styles are great for different reasons. On the one hand we have great typography for the U.S cover (including the inside, as always pure YUM), the design team sure knows how to keep things interesting. BUT, it is starting to get a little busy and is taking focus out of Bruce's fierce portrait. The copy above the logo is what is mainly throwing everything off, poor Bruce is drowning in a too abundant amount of type...
now now will someone throw him a lifebuoy?

On the other hand we have a gorgeous and fresh Rihanna. A perfect design for summer with the simple typography. Loving the clean look of this cover. The combination of this sexy picture & the restricted color palette brings everything together. In general I would probably be doubtful about the type/copy at the bottom of the cover but weirdly enough (though it could be a little smaller) it really ties the whole thing together and completes it nicely.

on a side note, wouldnt it be wonderful if these two managed to merge their styles? 
those 2 covers seem to complement each other nicely...anyone up for the challenge?

Can't wait to see what's in store for the next issues, dazzle us Esquire teams~

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