Esquire U.S April and U.K May covers

Esquire U.S features Sofia Vergara on its newest April issue versus Jon Hamm from Mad men for the U.K. May issue. Now clearly this isn't even a competition, a dark and undertreated cover versus a colorful and out of character Jon Hamm?

Esquire U.K's new look that has been in place since December is a breath of fresh air. The magazine is getting colorful and more youthful than ever and we like it! It is Jon Hamm's crazy side that is depicted in this issue and it looks great. Standing out from it's competitors is exactly what the magazine is and has been doing. Each issue since the redesign has been a success and it's only getting better, kudos to Creative Director David McKendrick.

Now on the U.S side, this month's cover was quite disappointing. For an April Sex issue, this cover lacks excitement. The overall color scheme did not make me want to pick up my copy from the news stand. The photography is still appealing but there is no contest between Esquire U.K and its American sibling this month on the cover front...

Which one is your favorite?

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