Iphone 3G/3GS candy cases

So Last year I was in class, kind of bored and playing with a wrapper from a kinder surprise egg, my phone had a see through case, it occurred to me it would look awesome if I put the wrapper under the case.

I kept it for a while and a bunch of people in the subway and friends asked me where I got my case hehe

Sooooo here is the continuation of that, using a whole lot of different candy wrappers!
anything will do really as long as its not cardboard.

Im using a clear case 0.9mm thick so your phone stays pretty slim.

enjoy ^^


  1. great idea!!! thanks for sharing!!!

  2. What did you use to make it stay!?

    1. Hi Ashley, I didnt use anything, the beauty of this was to use a clear case, carefully place the wrapper on your phone and then click the case right on! this way you can make a different case whenever you want without ever having to pay for a bunch of clear cases ;)

    2. Beautiful idea! Can't wait to try