The Sketchbook Project

Walking around in Williamsburg I had the chance to come accross this amazing little store called "The Brooklyn Art Library" and just had to post on this. This place is the origin of a project called the "sketchbook project".

The concept is simple, sign up to receive a free sketchbook, fill it up, customize it and make it all yours before you send it back to them so that it can go on tour with thousands of others. Very inspiring and creative. The store had some amazing items as well; Vintage and design, what a perfect mix!

In addition to the tour, the books can also be checked out like library books at any time with a library card from the store.

you can check them out through those links:


Hu2 Design - Decals

These awesome decals from Hu2 Design are clever and pretty sweet. In retrospect they are pretty useless but so dorky and cute that it makes them worth buying =]

Yet another one of those projects that brings THE thought into my head:
"aaw man, wish I had thought of that!"

more awesomeness on Hu2 Design

Vintage facebook, twitter, skype ads

I stumbled upon these awesome vintage ads for social media applications today and had to repost this!

A Brazilian ad agency called Moma Propaganda created this ad series to see how those might have looked like if they had existed in the 60's.

Everything from aesthetics to copy is perfect and well...this made my day : )

Source on inventor spot